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4倍のしあわせ / Happiness Quadrupled

LYRIC:4倍のしあわせ / Happiness Quadrupled


2022-11-4 Pure K-Heart Recode




Music and Lyric : CHACHI


雨上がりの午後 ごらん空に架かる橋

七色の光がほら アーチを描くよ

待ちぼうけの日々 退屈さにまかせて

君らしく生きれなかっただけなのさ ちょっと


悲しいピエロなんかじゃない もがいていただけ

だれもが何かを抱えて せつなく時代は移り行く


苦しかった日々は4倍のしあわせを つかむ鍵を手に入れられるチャンスと思うよ




約束された自由さえ 裏切られ続けて



苦しかった日々は4倍のしあわせを つかむ鍵を手に入れられるチャンスと思うよ

飛び出してゆこうよ 雨上がりの街へと 4倍のしあわせをつかむ鍵探しに

いつの日か 咲かせてみせてよ 君の花を



automatic, machine translation

Look up at the sky on an afternoon when the rain has stopped、

Seven-colored light, look, I’m drawing an arch

I’ve been waiting for so long, I’m bored out of my mind

You just couldn’t live your life the way you wanted to.


You’re not a sad clown. You were just struggling.

Everyone has something to live for. Times change impatiently.


I think those bad days are your chance to get the key to quadruple your happiness.


You can’t go on, standing still, bemoaning the world’s grim state of affairs.


Even the freedom we were promised kept betraying us

In a corner of the world where it’s hard to know where we’re going


I think these hard days are our chance to get the key to quadruple our happiness.

Let’s run out to the city after the rain, in search of the key that will bring us quadruple happiness.

Someday, let me see your flower bloom.

LINER NOTES:4倍のしあわせ/Happiness Quadrupled








Brahms’ First Symphony took 21 years from conception to completion. It must have been very difficult to follow in the footsteps of the giant Beethoven.

The First Symphony, which took 21 years to complete, is said to be Beethoven’s 10th symphony, and Brahms himself must have been aware of this.

“When times are hard, there are opportunities.

If it is human nature to get “stuck” in life, then these times may be a chance for us to grasp the opportunity to open a new door, while seriously worrying and struggling.

To those who are living through hard times

I wish you “quadruple happiness” someday!