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天と地に / Heaven and Earth

Frank WinklerによるPixabayからの画像

天と地に Heaven and Earth :Lyric

ケルト的であり和的音階の融合 心にしみわたるどこか懐かしいメロディー

天と地に Heaven and Earth

©2022 CHACHI GONNA CHACHI (Planet Turn Recode)

Music and Lyric : CHACHI

向かい風にあがらって 君はなぜ行く

天の命ずるまま ひたむきに

月のともしびだけを 道しるべに

誰のため その命を なげだして


錆びついた 空の彼方へ 君をかりたてる

天が与えられた いばらの道

カケラのような星屑 かすかな希望

誰のために その命を 燃やすのか

Why do you go against the headwind?

To do whatever the heavens command, determined to do it.

with only the moonlight as your guide

for whom you’re losing your life


beyond the rusty sky, I’ll call you

the road that the heavens have given you

a speck of stardust a glimmer of hope

For whom you’re burning your life

LINER NOTES 天と地に Heaven and Earth




Heaven and Earth


In the Isle of Britain (United Kingdom), did it have a different cultural complexion from that of continental Europe? The Celts, in particular, had cultural features that differed from those of Western Europe. Among other things, the Celtic cultural features were different from those of Western Europe.

The Romans withdrew from their 400-year rule in Britain in 407 A.D., and the Roman invaders themselves left the island in 407 A.D. The Celts were not organised, and tended to scatter in small units, which is perhaps easier to understand if you imagine Irish/Scots protagonists in Hollywood films.

So-called continental European classical music has become sophisticated and glamorous through the fusion of cultures, but the music of island countries is somewhat stubborn and simple. Japan is also an island nation. That’s what I like about it.

Heaven and Earth

A melodic and harmonic development reminiscent of Celtic music, combined with Japanese words. It is the Anglo-Japanese alliance.