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いつか君がつかむ夢  The Dream You Will Someday Seize Five-beat march

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Lyric:いつか君がつかむ夢  The Dream You Will Someday Seize

PIANO弾き語り 5拍子の君のための行進曲!

©2022 CHACHI GONNA CHACHI (Pure K-Heart Recode)

Music and Lyric : CHACHI


もう 何もかもが 嫌になって すべて投げ出したいと

ああ そんなふうに 思うことは 誰にでもあると思うよ

さあ 思うままに 感じるままに 大きな絵を描こうよ

迷うことさえ 悩むことさえ 大きな夢つかむため


新しい服 着がえてみれば 街の景色 ほら いつもと違って見えるよ


ああ 控えめすぎて 届かなかった 気持ちが空回りして

もう 何もかもが 灰色の空 そんなふうに見えていたね

悩んだこと 涙した日 どれも ぜんぶ君だから

ああ 愛したこと 恨んだこと

いつか 素敵なMemorys

I’m so sick of everything. I just want to give it all up.

Yeah, I think we all feel that way at some point.

Come on, just as you are, just as you feel, let’s paint the big picture.

To get lost, to worry, to dream big


If you put on new clothes, the view of the city will look different from usual


Oh, I’m too modest, I couldn’t reach it, my feelings are spinning out of control

Everything’s already looking like a gray sky, isn’t it?

The things that troubled me, the days I cried, they’re all because of you

Oh, the things I’ve loved, the things I’ve hated

Someday, wonderful memories







なにかとあわただしくて「生きてゆくのがやっと」という時代に遭遇してる人が多いのではないか。迷うことさえ 悩むことさえ 夢をつかむためのものだっと笑える時代がやってくるといいね。




The most famous piece written in five beats is the second movement of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6 “Pathetique,” isn’t it?

When I was young, I had the pleasure of hearing it performed at Suntory Hall in Akasaka, Japan, conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy. I forget which orchestra it was, but I am sure it was a famous one.

Suntory Hall has a bar counter where one can have a drink. At that time, an elderly white gentleman wearing a bow tie and fine clothes was enjoying a red liquid (Campari soda) drink at the counter. I was so impressed by his “appearance” that I decided to have a drink of the red liquid myself, at least for a drink.

Lately, I don’t have much time to listen to orchestras, but I think it is a “great loss of life” not to listen to this kind of music.

A dream to be seized someday

I am sure that many of you have been in a hurry and are barely making ends meet at times. I hope that there will come a time when we can laugh at the fact that all of our hesitations and worries are for the purpose of grasping our dreams.

The rhythm of these five beats is 1.2-1.2.3, but most of the world has four beats.

It is okay to have a different rhythm than others.