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TOMODACHI / 蒼い影の中に


♪ TOMODACHI / 蒼い影の中に (管弦楽バラード) I Love you more then you’ll never know 管弦楽の伴奏によるCHACHIのスローバラード アリア

© 2017-2022 CHACHI GONNA CHACHI (Planet Turn Recode)

Music and Lyric : CHACHI


君にとって僕は 友達のひとり




蒼い影の中に 映る面影は君のシルエット

君よ 君に恋い焦がれ ふるえるこの胸


ある日突然君に 「好きだ」と言ったら

壊れてしまうようで そんな日が恐い



空回りして消えてゆく シルエット

時は止まり続けて 君は気づかない...


e nel desio che cosi m’empie il petto

cerco te … chiamo te …spero e sospiro.

e nell’ ardor che si m’accende il core,

cerco te, chiamo te, gemo e sospiro;


蒼い影の中に 映る面影は君のシルエット

なぜに 届かないのか ああ ガラスの日々よ

I Love You more then you’ll never know


I’m one of your friends

Every time we touch, you move further away


When I close my eyes

In the blue shadows, I see your silhouette

I’m in love with you, I’m in love with you, I’m in love with you, I’m in love with you


One day, when I suddenly say to you, “I love you”…

I’m afraid that one day, if I suddenly say to you, “I love you,” you’ll break my heart


Only the words of love I say to you

The silhouette of your silhouette, spinning and fading away.

Time stands still and you don’t notice…


And in the desire that so fills my breast

I seek thee … I call you … hope and sigh.

And in the ‘ardor that fires my heart,

I seek thee, I call thee, I groan and sigh;


In the blue shadows, the reflection is your silhouette

Why is it that I can’t reach you? Oh, the days of glass

I Love You more then you’ll never know

You won’t know…

Liner Notes : 蒼い影の中に/TOMODACHI









In opera and operetta, arias are melodic, lyrical, and a must-hear.

Famous arias include Handel’s “On Bla Mai Fu,” Puccini’s “Nobody Sleeps,” Bizet’s “Habanera” from Carmen, and “The Bullfighter’s Song. “Habanera” from Bizet’s Carmen, and “The Bullfighter’s Song” from Bizet’s Carmen.

There are many records in the world that are like a collection of arias with beautiful melodies, and I recommend listening to them.

One of my regrets is that I was not able to see the late Luciano Pavarotti’s opera. I remember that I couldn’t go because of work, but I’m not sure about that.

In the shadow of blue / TOMODACHI

This piece dramatically depicts a platonic love that could be broken if touched, as if it were part of a story.

It brought back memories of the time when I was asked to compose music for a musical and had to record it all in one operation, which was terribly exhausting.