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Lullaby of the Lapping Waves / 波打ち際のカノン【ララバイ】


Lyric: Lullaby of the Lapping Waves / 波打ち際のカノン【ララバイ】

夜の浜辺 押し寄せる波の音に包まれる子守歌

©2022CHACHI GONNA CHACHI (Pure K-Heart Recode)

Music and Lyric by CHACHI

浜風に抱かれて 夜の渚は ざわわ

天の川流れた星は ひゅるるる

青白く空駆ける光 願いよ叶いますように


波打ち際のカノン 静かな砂浜



黒く怖いほど沈黙の海 ざわわわ

押し寄せては引いてゆく 胸によみがえる記憶は美しく



心はやさしく 夜風に抱かれてゆく 静かな砂浜

On the shore at night, embraced by the beach breeze

The stars that flowed in the Milky Way

The light that runs in the blue-white sky May your wishes come true

The canon at the edge of the waves, the quiet sandy beach

The light of the lighthouse shines offshore

The sea is black and frighteningly silent

coming and going, the memories that come back to my heart are beautiful

The canon at the edge of the waves

The heart is gently embraced by the night wind Silent sandy beach


LINER NOTES : Lullaby of the Lapping Waves / 波打ち際のカノン【ララバイ】





夜の静寂 波音のカノン




During summer holidays, I stayed at my aunt’s house along the coast and had a great time with my cousins who lived there.

The Mother Sea is an easy theme for my creative work, and I have many works of both songs and paintings.

For a child, the sea at night seemed frighteningly huge and mysterious, and it is still the same now that I am an adult.

My aunt’s house was about 500 meters from the coastline, and when I woke up in the middle of the night, I would hear the light from the lighthouse rotating at regular intervals in the room, and the sound of the waves pounding against the open window like a constant lullaby.

Silence of the night, the canon of the sound of the waves

Mother Sea is beautiful.

I wish for the purification of the Mother Sea, which is polluted by the foolish actions of human beings.


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