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Setting Off On A Journey / 旅立ちの日

Setting Off On a Journey : Lyric


©2022 CHACHI GONNA CHACHI (Planet Turn Recode)

Music and Lyric :CHACHI

さあ 旅立つこの日よ 今、朝の澄む空

希望に満ち溢れる心 呼覚ます 朝の光よ

思いは海原へ 漕ぎいでし私の記憶辿れ

導く星座を道標に 信じるままに


生きてゆく 出会いや 別れや 悲しみ 喜び

どんな小さな命の芽吹きさえも 美しく輝くこの星に生かされて

ああ 燃える太陽(ほのお)よ

私を導け 空の果てへ 遠い 遠い 遠い 未来へ


ああ 旅立つこの日よ 今、朝の澄む空

希望に満ち溢れる心 呼覚ます朝の光よ

思いは海原へ 漕ぎいでし私の遠い記憶たどれ

導く星座を道標に のぼる朝陽よ



連れて行け私を この空の果てに広がる


羽ばたく 精いっぱいの

悲しみ 喜び 私を導け空の果てへ

遠い 遠い 遠い 未来へ

 Setting off a journey

Now,  the clear morning sky

I awaken a heart full of hope, light in the morning

Row my thoughts to the sea, follow my memories

With the guiding constellations as my guidepost, I will believe as I go


We live on, encounters, partings, sorrows, joys…

Even the smallest bud of life is kept alive by this beautiful, shining star

Oh, burning sun

Lead me to the end of the sky, far, far, far into the future

Setting off a journey

Now, the morning sky is clear

My heart is filled with hope, I awaken to the morning light

Row my thoughts to the sea and trace my memories

With the guiding constellations as guideposts, the morning sun is rising


A life to face with dignity

Take me to the end of the sky

To a world I’ve never seen before

Flap my wings to the fullest

Sorrow, joy, lead me to the end of the sky

Far, far, far into the future


LINER NOTES :Setting Off On A Journey/旅立ちの日









旅立ちの日 その日を迎えるまで


The longing for departure always seems to light up somewhere in my mind like a springtime haze.

The departure I am referring to here is more of a religious one, where attachment to this life and the day one leaves are at odds with each other, and not the kind of thing that makes one imagine an enjoyable trip.

Where do we come from and where are we going to leave?

I am a Buddhist, and Shintoism is my spiritual support, so I will avoid generalizing, but I will think in a somewhat Japanese way.

For example, the next life, the Paradise, mandala, reincarnation, and so on…

All plants, all trees, and all the land will become Buddhas

The ancient Japanese belief that all plants, trees, and the land will die and become Buddhas is a gentle way of thinking.

Thinking of this, don’t you think we should try to live with dignity?

Until the day of departure



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