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HOLY MISSION (Hallelujah) 希望の光に包まれて

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Lyric: HOLY MISSION (Hallelujah) 希望の光に包まれて

凍てつく夜にどこからか聴こえてくる歌声 Hallelujah


生きてゆくことこそが、HOLY MISSION そんなふうに 思うんだ

Singing Hallelujah, heard from somewhere on a freezing night

I hope that every person can live in the light of hope

Living life is a HOLY MISSION, that’s what I think.

©2022 CHACHI GONNA CHACHI (Pure K-Heart Recode)

Music and Lyric CHACHI

街のどこかで ひとり泣く君よ いつの日か その涙


汚れた世界と 嘆かないでほしい どこかで聴こえる



Hallelujah 小さな蕾が 一筋の光に導かれていく

Hallelujah 咲き誇る日を 夢に見て 進む道

それこそが 信じてゆく道


凍てつく夜の 澄み渡る空に 抱く胸の星 道しるべに


Hallelujah 立ち向かう日には 悲しみも苦しさも のりこえてゆける

Hallelujah 迷うことさえも 今とても 小さな蕾もやがて花と咲く


やがて夜明けが 眩く空を包む 上る朝陽は 凛として 生きてゆく証


Hallelujah そこはかとなく 咲いてる 小さな どんな花も美しい

Hallelujah 聴こえる歌声 凛として 生きてゆく  希望の光に包まれて


Somewhere in the city, you who cry alone, someday your tears

Replaced by hopes and dreams

Don’t lament that it’s a dirty world, somewhere you can hear

The voice of a holy song


Hallelujah A tiny bud is led by a ray of light

Hallelujah I dream of the day when I’ll be in bloom And that’s the path I’ll follow

That’s the path I believe in


Hallelujah On the frozen night, in the clear sky, the star in my heart that I hold in my arms, a beacon.


Hallelujah On the day we face it, we can overcome sorrow and pain

Hallelujah Even when I’m lost, I’m so lost now, even the smallest buds will soon blossom and bloom


Soon the dawn will dazzle the sky, and the morning sun that rises will be a sign of living with dignity.


Hallelujah There’s a little blooming, every little flower is beautiful

Hallelujah, the singing voice that can be heard, living with dignity, wrapped in the light of hope.

LINER NOTES ; HOLY MISSION (Hallelujah) 希望の光に包まれて






HOLY MISSION;ゴスペルのエッセンスを少し混ぜこんだ、ハートフルな歌。街のどこかで ひとり泣く君よ いつの日かその涙が希望や夢に変わるように。

The Hebrew word “Hallelujah” is famous for Handel’s Messiah.

I can’t help but feel that hymns are the basis of my music due to the influence of attending a kindergarten run by a catholic. But when I went home, I often heard my father’s mood songs and enka (traditional Japanese ballads).

After all, music transcends genres, and all music is wonderful.

The environment in which I was raised; the local climate, culture, different melodies, chord progressions, etc., are all different, but I think that’s what makes it good.

I think it’s the same for human beings. I think so.

HOLY MISSION: A heartfelt song with a bit of gospel essence mixed in. You who cry alone somewhere in the city, may your tears someday turn into hopes and dreams.